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The 3rd Sunday of every month, we have have a live podcast on YouTube; featuring great guests and a topics. Until now we have had some great guests including cardboard box build legend Andrew Newton, 80’s FPV pioneer Larry Mitschke, and the face of INAV Paweł Spychalski. Below is a playlist of our Wing Talks. So if you would like to check them out, please go right ahead.

Our latest guides

One of the benefits of our group is a great pool of knowledge. We are fortunate that some of the members take the time to write this stuff down; creating guides that everyone can use to get their INAV planes to the next level. Below are the latest guides, please have a read, or go to the guides page to see even more.

Plane Setups

Another thing that we are creating is a library of model setups, to get you in the air quicker. These setup guides tell you about the model, specifications, and recommended parts. There are also CLI settings that you can use if you build the model as suggested. Check them out in the Plane Setups area of this site.

INAV Fixed Wing Group

Welcome to the INAV Fixed Wing Group web site. This site accompanies our Facebook group, emphatically providing easy access to all of our guides and articles.

INAV Fixed Wing Group Facebook Page

The INAV Fixed Wing Group is without reservation a true International community made up of thousands of RC plane enthusiasts from all over the world. We offer support, ideas, and friendship to all who join and contribute. So if you’re interested in discussing INAV, head over to the INAV Fixed Wing Group and join us.