One important part of our new INAV Fixed Wing Group Website is the section for recommended aircraft setups. These setups are well developed to provide ready to fly plane configurations. They are tested and tuned and proven to fly well, specifically for it’s purpose. Right now we have different categories of planes for beginners (cheap and easy to build and fly), speed junkies (high quality components and powerful setups that need some additional work) and long range experts (low weight and power consumption optimised configurations). The first planes we added are built and tuned by myself, Marc Hoffmann. But, we want to add more to the collection!

This is now your turn. We want to give everyone a chance to send in their configurations. If you think your setup fits a purpose, clean, and flies great, we could feature it here. It can be an aircraft model that is already there but only with a different kind of setup and performance, or a completely new plane that is not yet there at all, as long as it is freely available on the market.

But there is a catch!

First of all, your plane has to meet some very important requirements for safety and stability. GPS is a must have as well as a reliable and working RTH and POSHOLD. Also the plane has to pass some specific tests with video proof provided. If that is done, submit all the necessary flight specifications and components to us. We will discuss every setup internally and decide if we can add it to the collection, or if it needs some improvement.

What we need for your application

Flight Specifications

  • Battery (cell count, capacity, optimal weight)
  • Top speed
  • Stall speed
  • Cruise speed (no wind)
  • Rates (roll and pitch)
  • Current draw (cruise, peak, full throttle level flight)
  • Flight Time (average and max flight time)
  • CG (on manufacturer spot or slightly off)

Components used

  • Airframe (actual plane, KIT or PNP)
  • Motor
  • Propeller
  • ESC
  • Flight Controller
  • Servos
  • VTX
  • Antenna

Tasks to be done (Including video)

  • Full flight video to show agility, stability and performance (HD if possible, no video stabilisation, only beginners and Performance setups). We will use this to make it a YouTube video to show the planes capability
  • 1min of continuous POSITION HOLD (FPV Recording)
  • 1min of 3D CRUISE mode flight (FPV Recording + HD if possible, only Long Range)
  • Full RTH flight with 180° turn and loiter above home (FPV Recording)
  • Launch and Land (FPV Recording or ground recorded)
  • Autolaunch (mandatory for beginner setups [no shake], optional on LR and Performance) (FPV Recording or ground recorded)

Additional Content

  • Pictures of your plane to show how it is set up
  • Full CLI Dump
  • Description of what modification on the airframe are done
  • STL files or links if 3D printed parts are needed


Before you send us all the requested information, you should contact us to discuss your setup first. Just in case it does not meet our requirements, this will save unnecessary work for you. After that, we can give you a go ahead to collect the required information and videos so we can make our final decision. Finally, we will add the setup to the website, you will of course get full credit for the setup.

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