• SonicModell AR Wing Kit

    SonicModell AR Wing Kit

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    SonicModell AR Wing

    The AR Wing by SonicModell is a versatile, 900 mm flying wing. You can use the AR for multiple roles including long range and as a pretty quick, fun flyer.

    It is also a good choice for beginners, due to its ease of build and good stability. The bay is spacious, giving lots of room for battery and component options. There’s also an HD camera bay, which can be reconfigured for different cameras, including the GoPro Sessions and RunCam 2 style cameras.

  • Sonicmodell AR Wing Pro

    Sonicmodell AR Wing Pro

    Buy the Sonicmodell AR Wing Pro

    The AR Wing Pro is the newest addition of FPV Wing Models in the Sonicmodell Collection. With tons of upgrades from the original AR Wing Airframe; this new Plane could become a new Benchmark in the FPV Wing Entry and Midrange class.

    The AR Wing Pro is a 1000mm Flying Wing with a target to bring flight efficiency to the next level. A sleak design with a redesigned carrying fuselage, massive space for electronics and batteries and a highly efficient PNP Motor Setup (The same proven setup as ZOHD uses on the Talon GT and Dart XL), the AR Wing pro will be an extremely efficient and also fast FPV Wing.

    The Power Setup of the PNP Version includes a Sunnysky X2216 Motor at 1400kV and a 8×5 Propeller to give you plenty of power and also a high efficiency range. Later this year, Sonicmodell will also offer a Performance Setup, too.

  • TBS Caipirinha II

    TBS Caipirinha II

    Buy TBS Caipirinha II from Team Blacksheep

    If you are in the Wing FPV Hobby for a while, you must have heard of this FPV Wing created by Team Blacksheep. The TBS Caipirinha 2 is one of the most famous Long Range Wings today in the 1000mm class and is well known for it’s massive battery capacity and high efficiency.

    The Caipirinha 2 is already around for quite a few years but still holds up well with it’s competitors. The Huge battery bay can hold even a big 4S3P Li-Ion pack or 6000mAh LiPo batteries. Dedicated Wing-Bays for VTX, press-lock covered side bays for FC and GPS, integrated Power Distribution Board to connect multiple Batteries or other high voltage Equipment and a Plastic cover for easy battery access are just a few of the Caipirinha 2 highlights.

  • ZOHD Dart 250G PnP

    ZOHD Dart 250G PnP

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    ZOHD Dart 250G

    The ZOHD Dart 250G may look small and inoffensive. But this lightweight model can be an FPV ninja! It is suitable for beginners, proximity flyers, and long range.

    It’s capable in all these rolls with only minor configuration changes. For example, with a 2S LiIon pack, this thing will easilly fly for 30 minutes. Or with a 3S LiPo, it’s a proximity demon. Propellers for both options are included in the PnP kit. The ZOHD Dart 250G has an ultra portable wingspan of 570 mm. Oh, I forgot to mention that this thing is cheap too!

  • ZOHD Drift

    ZOHD Drift

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    ZOHD Drift

    The ZOHD Drift is a platform that will let you soar, explore thermals, cliff, mountains, and lakes. The innovative designs pushes it effortlessly and quietly through the air.

    The Drift is a lightweight, EPP plane with an 877 mm wingspan. It comes with the same great 1406 2600KV SunnySky motor that powered the Dart 250g; accompanied by a 30A ESC and 4.3g servos for the ailerons and an 8g servo for the elevator. It can be powered using a 2S LiPo or Li Ion, or a 3S LiPo.