• AKK FX2 Ultimate VTx

    AKK FX2 Ultimate

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    AKK FX2 Ultimate

    The AKK FX2 Ultimate is a great choice of VTx for people who want to push the limits. This VTx boasts an impressive 1000mW of power. Luckily it can be tamed with SmartAudio, to reduce heat build up before you get in the air.

    The FX2 Ultimate can take a wide input voltage, from 7 to 26 Volts. The power output can be set to 25, 200, 600, and 1000mW using the on board button or SmartAudio control. The antenna connects via the popular MMCX connector. There’s also an on-board mic and a 500mA filtered 5V power out to power your camera.

  • AKK FX2 VTx

    AKK FX3

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    FX3 is a small 5.8GHz VTx. It has 20 x 20 mm spaced holes to mount it on a Flight Controller stack. You attach the antenna with an MMCX connector.

    It has 37 channels and has has switchable power levels of 25, 200, 400, and 600 mW. You can use SmartAudio to change these settings. There is a filtered 5 Volt power output for a camera.

  • Matek VTX-HV

    Matek VTX-HV

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    Matek VTX-HV

    The Matek Systems VTX-HV is a 500mW 5.8GHz VTx. It has mounting holes for a standard size 30.5mm stack. The antenna connects with an MMCX connector, which is a nice compromise between reliability and weight.

    The VTx can be configured using Tramp Telemetry to any of the 40 channels and power levels (25, 200, and 500 mW). This VTx can also have its firmware upgraded using the onboard UART.

  • RunCam Nano 2 FPV Camera

    RunCam Nano 2

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    RunCam Nano 2

    The RunCam Nano 2 is a tiny 14 x 14 mm FPV camera with an M8 lens. It weighs 3.2 grams and has a 1/3″ 4:3 CMOS sensor.

    You can choose between a 2.1 mm or 1.8 mm lens, with a 155° or 170° FOV respectively. The camera is locked to PAL or NTSC; so you will need to choose the version when you purchase it. This can only be power the camera with 3.5 to 5 Volts.

  • TBS Unify PRO32 Nano VTx

    TBS Unify PRO32 Nano

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    TBS Unify PRO32 Nano

    The TBS Unify PRO32 Nano is one of the smallest and lightest 5.8 GHz VTx on the market. This VTx is a tiny 15 x 13 x 2 mm in size, and weighs 1 gram.

    This tiny VTx has a reasonably wide input voltage of 3-13 Volts. So you can power it from a 1S Lipo or a 2S Lithium Ion pack. The really astonishing thing is this VTx can transmit at over 500 mW. Being TBS, you know it comes with SmartAudio. Unfortunately it comes with SmartAudio 2.1, which is not supported in INAV, up to version 2.5.