• Matek F405-WING

    Matek F405-WING

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    Matek F405-WING

    The Matek F405-WING has become the go-to flight controller for a lot of fixed wing pilots. It is a small, feature packed flight controller, with more than enough UARTs to satisfy most.

    The Matek F405-WING features 6 UARTS, 2 I2C, and a Softserial port. There is an Sbs pin with an hardware inverter for FrSky receivers. a 5A constant BEC to run up to 7 servos, which can be set to 5, 6, or 7.2 Volts. The filtered VTx and camera power supplies are also switchable between 9 and 12 Volts.

    This all-in-one flight controller is a compact 56×36×13 mm and weighs 25 grams.

  • Matek F411-WING

    Matek F411-WING

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    Matek F411-WING

    The Matek F411-WING is a small, lightweight flight controller, well suited to small planes or flying wings. It has an overall size of 41×28×10 mm and weighs only 12 grams.

    Because of the size, there are compromises. For instance, there are only 2 UARTS available on this flight controller. There is a Softserial port, and also an alternate firmware target which enables a second Softserial port by sacrificing the LEDs. The servo BEC is switchable between 5 and 6 Volts; it has a continuous rating of 3A, so is safe for 4 servos.

    There is a downside to this flight controller. The VTx power it a VBAT pad on the board. It has no filtering so can be very noisy. It can be improved using capacitors and an LC filter. But it’s something to consider if you are looking for the ultimate in light weight. While on the subject, the new Matek F411-WSE has really superseded this board. Not only does it have filtering on the video power. But it also has switchable dual camera inputs, 4 ADCs, and it is 3.5 grams lighter.

  • Matek F411-WSE

    Matek F411-WSE

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    The Matek F411-WSE is a small and lightweight all-in-one wing flight controller. At only 28 mm square, 14 mm high, and with a weight of only 8.5 grams; it is a great choice for small builds. Even 250 gram builds can carry this FC.

    Like a lot of the newer Matek flight controllers, the F411-WSE has dual, switchable camera inputs. However, with the small size there are a few trade-offs. This FC only has 2 UARTs, which limits the devices you can attach. Thought there are also 2 SoftSerial ports which could be used. The servo BEC can handle a constant 3.5 Amps at a selectable 5 or 6 Volts. So this would be fine for use with 4 servos.

  • Matek F722-WING

    Matek F722-WING

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    Matek F722-WING

    The Matek F722-WING follows on from the F405-WING flight controller. It brings a faster processor, 4ADCs, and dual, switchable cameras to the table.

    Like the F405-WING, this flight controller has plenty of UARTs, 5 to be exact. It still features switchable voltages on the VTx (9V & 12V) and Servos (5V, 6V, & 7.2V) which again has a 5A constant output. The size and weight are identical to the F405-WING. The only downside with the F722-WING is that it has less memory onboard. Which means that if you wanted to try Ardupilot, you can’t. But also, as INAV gets more and more feature rich, the lower memory flight controllers will have to compromise.

  • Matek F722-WPX

    Matek F722-WPX

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    The F722-WPX is the first Wing Flightcontroller from Matek, providing the new FrSky Pixel-OSD. It is also the smallest F7 Wing FC today without compromise in features or available UART connections. The dedicated Buzzer and USB Board makes it extremely easy to set up even in the tightest plane builds.

    This Flight controller provides a full features set but on a very small footprint, comparable to the older F411 Wing FC. It has dedicated UARTs for GPS and ESC Telemetry plus three general purpose UARTs for Receiver, Cam control, VTX control or other devices. The pin layout is outstanding. UART TX and RX pins directly beside the camera and VTX pads allow clean and easy wiring or lug usage. A robust and separately mounted USB-C board will safe your board in case it gets damaged, as it can be easily replaced.