The Original INAV FWG OpenTX model is to get new people up in the air quicker and safely. Also, having a base layout, will make helping with problems easier too. However, there is also a need to have something more advanced, for people who are confident in the air, and want access to more features. To fill this space, we introduce the IFWG Pro OpenTX model.

Our INAV FWG OpenTX Models

Which model is best for you?

Below are some basic notes on selecting which of our INAV FWG OpenTX Models would suit you the best. For more details on each, please use the links above.

INAV Fixed Wing Group – Standard OpenTX Model V2

The standard OpenTX model is ideal for people new to the hobby, OpenTX, or INAV. It includes everything you would want to get flying quickly and safely. This pack comes with full installation instructions, from what software you need, how to backup your transmitter, to installing everything and getting it working. This model has been warmly and well received. It’s Steve Schlesinger’s model for all his INAV planes.

INAV Fixed Wing Group – Pro OpenTX Model

The Pro OpenTX is aimed at experienced RC pilots who want more control. This model comes with a default set of flight modes, that should please most. But, they are fully customisable by the pilot. This model also allows detailed, in-flight tuning of the aircraft. There are also convenient shortcuts, such as to load the waypoint mission. It is also simpler to configure the arming switch in this OpenTX model. A popular request from our standard model.

INAV Fixed Wing Group – Lite OpenTX Model

The Lite OpenTX model is specifically for people with the “Lite” style transmitters. Including the FrSky XLite, XLite S, XLite Pro, X9 Lite, and X9 Lite S.


Due to the limitations of ExpressLRS, these models will not work over the protocol. If in the future they implement free use of channels, this will change.

OpenTX Sound Pack

Our OpenTX Sound Pack is included with all our OpenTX models. However, the latest version will now also be available as an individual download.