• Racerstar AirB Motor

    Racerstar AirB

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    Racerstar AirB

    The Racerstar AirB is the second motor to come out of the partnership with Racerstar and T-Motor. These motors are well designed, look fantastic, and also feature quality components.

    If you have bought Racerstar motors in the past, and found the to be pretty shoddy; you will at first have a hard time believing that these motors are from the same company. Both the AirA and AirB are great motors. So the involvement with T-Motor has definitely shone through. The machining, bearings, windings, and overall finish are all top notch.

    The AirB is a 2514 stator motor with a KV of 1498. It can run from 3S all the way up to 8S, with a maximum power of 1139 Watts or 45 Amps. Suggested props are 4S – 8″, 5S – 7″, 5S & 6S – 6″ tri-blade, and 8S – 5″ tri-blade.

  • SunnySky X2212-III Motor

    SunnySky X2212-III Motor

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    SunnySky X2212 III Motor

    The SunnySky X series of brushless motors are popular among FPV pilots. Due to the motors providing great power and reliability for the price.

    This is a 3rd generation X2212 motor, which provides more power and efficiency over the last generation. The motors are rated for use with a 3S or 4S battery, so spin an 8×6 or 7×6 prop respectively.